An energetic company like Koresh Dance Company deserves an online identity that is as exuberant and engaging as their performances. 

Deliverables: design, art direction, and consultation


Koresh Dance Company (KDC) is known for its engaging performances and technically superb dancers. The company performs critically acclaimed works in Philadelphia and across the country. KDC has also been hailed internationally, touring to destinations including Spain, Turkey, Israel, South Korea, Mexico, and Guatemala.

How do you encourage a new generation of fans to engage with the company and attend performances while not alienating the company's current patrons?

Emotional Matrix

Designing for current patrons and Stephanie
Koresh has a primary audience that consists of Gen X and Baby Boomers; however, they were very interested in connecting with a younger demographic.

The process started by researching general millennial (Gen Y) and centennial (Gen Z) characteristics and focusing on the particulars of people in those generations living in and around Philadelphia, PA. To move beyond existing biases, I created Stephanie for the team to focus on addressing a specific human's wants and needs while we conceptualized ideas.

In addition, an emotional matrix was created to help us understand where the company resided in people's hearts and minds.


Design Mockups
Using the results from our user demographic research, I designed the user interface. I created prototypes using InVision Studio to allow select users to interact with the new online experience and new UI to allow me to validate the new design options.

Design choices:
• Shorter rows for rapid readability.
• Minimal color palette for a feeling of timelessness.
• Lots of white space to keep layouts clean and fresh.
• Large images to draw people in.
• Visual rhythm with images and content.
• Proposed personalization feature that allows users to pin their favorite dancers.


Koresh Dance Company is fully dedicated to the enrichment of the cultural landscape and artistic reputation of Philadelphia. They were very concerned that their cutting-edge reputation was maintained. Keeping that in mind, I designed and developed a holistic visual communications solution that included promotional materials, advertising campaign, out-of-home, a website, and digital executions.

As a result of our demographic exploration, I was able to create a holistic design system and visual vocabulary that is lively with lots of whitespace that engaged with a new generation of potential patrons while not alienating current patrons.

The website never launched.

koresh poster 01
koresh poster 02
koresh poster 03
koresh poster 04
newspaper ad
newspaper ad

Performance Visual Vocabulary
As part of their holistic communications overhaul, a new promotional visual vocabulary was developed to help showcase future performances. Large, bold graphics showcasing the strength, energy, and power of Koresh dancers draws viewers in and entices viewers to find out more. Text placement creates a visual rhythm that supports the visuals but also provides clear easy-to-read information.


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