UTSA launched a capital campaign to raise $150-million. They wanted a site that could keep the public continually informed about their progress.

Deliverables: design, art direction, creative direction, messaging, content development, and consultation

As part of their journey to Tier One status, the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) launched a capital campaign. To support the campaign, the University's Development team wanted an online presence that could serve two purposes: first, to be utilized as a talking point during meetings with potential donors and second, to act as an information hub to keep the public informed of the campaign's progress.

How can the University have a website that provides two specific services—it informs the public about the progress of the capital campaign while also provides visuals and talking points for development officers who are soliciting donations to ensure the campaign's success?

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Who are we talking to?
Because the demographics of potential site visitors was so vast (students, faculty, staff, donors, general public, government officials, and more), nailing down a specific user persona or psychographic was difficult. The team decided to focus primarily on faculty, staff, and donors. I created a visually pleasing layout that provided information in a way that would appeal to those three types of users.

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I led the University's creative and web teams to ideate, design, and produce a visually pleasing site that was not only clear and informative but also easy to navigate. The site design was visually supported by elements of the University's brand standards that I developed in conjunction with this contract.

Keeping the campaign's fundraising commitments up-to-date was very important. To ensure donation numbers were always accurately depicted, I helped ideate a process the University's web team could utilize to update the dollar amounts on a weekly basis and provide visitors with the most up-to-date information possible.

The site was well-received by UTSA's development officers. Additionally, current and potential donors visited the site to check on the status of the campaign's fundraising efforts. When all was said and done, the original $150-million capital campaign goal was met earlier than expected. The campaign ended with a total of $180-million being committed to the University.

www: giving.utsa.edu

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