Hilcorp is a company built on energy. To showcase their employee, community, and environmental programs they needed a new site to spread the word.

Deliverables: design, art direction, and consultation

Programming: Webhead Tech

Hilcorp is the largest privately-owned exploration and production company in the United States. Their leadership wanted a new site that focused on what they do and also showcased their desire to help their communities. I worked with Webhead to design and develop a site that not only informs the public about who Hilcorp is, but it also highlights their ideals and social responsibility.

How do you create an informative, text-heavy site that is also visually pleasing?


Although Hilcorp had only requested a visual and content overhaul of their site, I believed there was merit in understanding who their audience was and how they engage with the site.

Through our research, we learned site visitors were not interested in Hilcorp providing self-aggrandizing stories. Instead, they wanted to hear about the company's dedication to its communities and the results of their philanthropic actions.

In total: 14 Email Survey Responses 


01 Need for layouts with a more cohesive visual/verbal rhythm

02 Need content strategy that focuses on results of Hilcorp's philanthrope

03 Need modular system that is easy to update

04 Update images to help site look more up to date


"I don't know who would read all of this stuff. I understand all companies need a website, but I think the site would be better if they cut down on the text and used more pictures."



"The photos seem kind of old or blurry.  Why not have more photos that focus on the good they do in the communities they have offices?"



"Honestly, I wouldn't visit this site unless I was looking for information about the company. Once I arrive, I realize trying to find anything will take work. Can they decrease all the text on their pages?



To improve their site's user experience, Hilcorp had to revise both the type and amount of content on each site page to encourage visitors to explore the information presented.

Homepage Wireframe
Homepage Wireframe
Text Heavy Page
Text Heavy Page
Text and Image Page
Text Heavy Page
Hilcorp Style Guide 01

The new modular layout gives the corporation a new online visual identity. The navigation provides for easy exploration. The site features photos of actual company locations and employees.

Overall, pages showcase Hilcorp's commitment to social good without appearing as if they were "patting themselves on the back."

www: hilcorp.com


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