An avant-garde group like Koresh Dance Company deserves an identity that is as exuberant and engaging as their performances. 

Deliverables: strategy, creative direction, design, and consultation


Koresh Dance Company (KDC) is known for its engaging performances and technically superb dancers. The company performs critically acclaimed works in Philadelphia and across the country. KDC has also been hailed internationally, touring to destinations including Spain, Turkey, Israel, South Korea, Mexico, and Guatemala.

How do you encourage a new generation of fans to engage with the company and attend performances while not alienating the company's current patrons?


Why isn't the company selling more tickets online?

Interviews and online surveys were utilized to determine which factors could build loyalty and encourage long-term business value. We also wanted to determine why current users left the website before reaching the sales portal. Additional questions inquired about the customer's emotional connection to the company, the average number of online purchases made, and the affinity or aversion to the site's usability.

In total: 8 Interviews + 22 Survey responses     


01 Low demand for online access

02 Question legitimacy of ticket module

03 Need for easier event filtering

04 Unclear if account holders are active

05 Need for mobile application


“The site looks like it needs an update. I tried to see it on my phone and everything was really small.”



“I would love it if it was easier to search for shows based on dates or locations.”



“When I try to pay for a performance, the page design changes. When that happens, it feels shady to me.”



To increase user engagement and interest, Koresh Dance Company had to improve both the interface and functionality of their website to encourage visitors to intuitively explore the features and information presented on all pages.

Emotional Matrix

Koresh's primary audience consists of Gen X and Baby Boomers; however, the company was very interested in reaching a younger demographic. Since the target audience was evolving, we created personas to help keep design decisions surrounding site components focused on expectations, difficulties, behaviors, and ultimate goals our users have.

An emotion matrix was also created to help us understand where the company resided in people's hearts and minds and utilize that knowledge when developing the content strategy.


Build, test, and iterate

Based on the insights collected so far, low to high fidelity prototypes were created, refined, tested, and iterated. User testing helped uncover some issues and challenges with each design iteration.


Design mockups
Prototypes created with InVision Studio allowed the client to interact with the new desktop and mobile experience. This also allowed us to validate the new design options.

Pain Points addressed:

  • Too much long-form copy: we designed shorter rows for rapid readability
  • Colors feel random: utilized a minimal color palette for a feeling of timelessness
  • Too much information on pages: introduced more white space to keep layouts clean and fresh
  • Images are small or pixellated: added large, clear images to draw people and engage them
  • Some pages don't have hardly anything while others are crowded with information: inventoried all pages and developed a pleasing visual rhythm with images and content that was utilized throughout the site

Koresh Dance Company is fully dedicated to the enrichment of the cultural landscape and artistic reputation of Philadelphia. They were very concerned that their reputation for cutting-edge performances was maintained. Keeping that in mind, I also designed and developed a holistic visual communications solution that also included promotional materials, advertising campaigns, out-of-home, and digital executions.

A holistic design system and visual vocabulary that is lively with lots of whitespace that engaged with a new generation of potential patrons while not alienating current patrons.

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koresh poster 02
koresh poster 03
koresh poster 04
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