Randy Walker & Company wanted to showcase what makes them one of the best CPA firms in San Antonio.

Deliverables: design, art direction, and consultation

Programming: Webhead Tech

As one of the largest providers of accounting services to non-profits in San Antonio, Randy Walker & Company wanted to highlight their abilities with a new website. I designed and art directed a new site that would not only promote the company but also become a hub of information for people are searching for quick online tax insights.

Can a new website help Randy Walker & Company stand out in the competitive CPA industry in San Antonio?


After a survey of some of San Antonio's largest CPA firms, it was apparent that RWC could make an impact by showcasing the elements of the city that make it great. In addition, it was determined that moving away from a site full of stock photos showcasing "business professionals" in faux meetings or engaged in conversation was not the way to go.


01 Move away from stock photography

02 Showcase the city to create a sense of "place"

03 Develop a new, pleasing color palette to guide viewers through the site

Homepage Wireframe
Content Wireframe
15-057 Randy Walker web v04a1a
15-057 Randy Walker web v04a1b
15-057 Randy Walker web v04a2a
15-057 Randy Walker web v04a2b

The visual system enables clients to seek and find information quickly while also allowing potential clients or nonclients to find financial tips and information. 
The site has quickly become a hub of information for people searching for quick online tax insights.

With changes being made to the U.S. tax system on a regular basis, continued vigilance is required to ensure that the information provided on the site is accurate. The client was provided with the means to make small internal updates and additions to information when needed.

www: randywalkercpa.com


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