The Daily UI challenge is an opportunity for designers to improve their skills by addressing a challenge for 100 days.

I love new challenges! Here we go... there are no rules! Tally ho!

daily ui 01 sign up

Prompt 001: Sign Up

daily ui 02 checkout

Prompt 002: Credit Card Checkout

daily ui 03 landing page

Prompt 003: Launch page

daily ui 04 calculator

Prompt 004: Calculator

daily ui 05 app icon

Prompt 005: App Icon

daily ui 06 user profile

Prompt 006: User Profile

daily ui 07 underarmour settings

Prompt 007: Settings

daily ui 08 404 page

Prompt 008: 404 page

Daily ui 09 music player 02

Prompt 009: Music Player

daily ui 10 social share

Prompt 010: Social Share

Daily UI 11 Flash Message

Prompt 011: Flash Message

Daily UI 12 E-Commerce Shop

Prompt 012: E-Commerce Product Page

Daily UI 013 Direct Messaging

Prompt 013: Direct Messaging

Daily UI 14 Countdown Timer

Prompt 014: Countdown Timer

Daily UI 15 On-Off

Prompt 015: On/Off Switch

Daily UI 016 Pop-Up Display

Prompt 016:  Pop-up Overlay

Daily UI 017 Email Receipt

Prompt 017:  Email Receipt

Daily UI 18 Analytics Chart

Prompt 018: Analytics Chart

Daily UI 019 Leaderboard

Prompt 019: Leaderboard

Daily UI 020 Location Tracker

Prompt 020: Location Tracker

Daily UI

Just for fun, I thought I'd give the Daily UI challenge a try. I added a restriction to the challenge by only allowing myself an hour or less to complete each design. The time constraint keeps me from being indecisive. Once I receive the challenge, I quickly determine a design direction and get started. Some of the challenges above are either completely unique or they are a visual tweak of an existing UI design.



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