Lopez Salas Architects had lived with their website for almost 10 years. It was time for a major overhaul.

Deliverables: design, art direction, and consultation

Programming: Webhead Tech

Lopez Salas Architects, Inc. is an award-winning architectural, planning, and interior design firm established by founding member Robert A. Lopez, AIA. The firm consists of a diverse mix of architectural specialists working collaboratively to meet their client's project-specific needs.

How do you design a successful site that adequately addresses the needs of users when the client has very strong opinions and specific aesthetic requirements?

The minimalist layout of the site keeps the viewer's attention firmly on the project images and specifications. Because of the variety of images provided by the client, it was important that a modular system that adequately accomodated vertical and horizontal photos be created.

Home Wireframe
Firm Wireframe
Case Study Wireframe
Case Study

The key behind this design was to maintain a good amount of white space on each page so project imagery never feels crowded. The client was very specific about keeping all layouts clean, so that was guideline for all design explorations. The minimalist layouts are supported by an intuitive navigation system that makes it easy to find completed projects and those under construction.

When the relationship started, I discovered that the client had very specific aesthetic ideas. Their existing Flash-based site had existed for many years and the managing partner did not believe anything could match or surpass what they had accomplished with it. He was pretty adamant. Proposing anything that strayed from his personal aesthetic was a tough sell. New layouts and navigation recommendations were frequently challenged. Some of my ideas were incorporated while others never made it past the presentation stage. However, through numerous meetings and multiple rounds of creative, we were able to eventually break the ice and develop a good working relationship. In the end, the site is up and the client is pleased.

www: LopezSalas.com

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