American State Bank wanted to reach the largely unbanked Latino population of Laredo. To do so they needed to gain their trust. 

Deliverables: design, art direction, bilingual messaging, and consultation


American State Bank

American State Bank wanted to target the rapidly growing number of unbanked Hispanics living in Laredo, Texas and the surrounding areas. To do so, they needed to understand who the target audience was and then speak to them in a way that would not intimidate potential customers. My team and I developed and executed a plan to speak directly to unacculturated and semi-acculturated Hispanics in their vernacular about topics that were important to them—family and the future.

Understanding who the target was and what type of media they consumed was key to providing communications solutions that were effective. We reached unacculturated and semi-acculturated Hispanics via a print campaign that was supported by broadcast elements. With our understanding of the target, we were also able to introduce "dichos" or regional sayings into the communication mix.


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