Barrio Family Health Centers wanted to evolve and be thought of as more than the center that treats the poor, underinsured people of San Antonio.

Deliverables: design, art direction, messaging, and consultation

communicare brochures

Communicare Health Centers

Barrio Comprehensive Family Health was created in the 1970s by Sister Dolores, a retired nurse, and pharmacist, whose love for those-in-need drove her to create a healthcare organization on San Antonio's westside to offer care for all.

Although the organization continued to grow and open new locations, they suffered from an image problem. They wanted to move beyond being thought of as the hospital that only treats the underinsured or uninsured population of San Antonio.  Barrio's board decided it was time for a comprehensive and cohesive identity reboot that could help with their perceived image. I started by conducting a brand audit to review all of the materials used by the organization. My team and I explored their services and the demographics of the people who utilize the hospital.

Once the results were gathered, they were used to fuel the ideation process and inform our messaging platform. We renamed Barrio to  CommuniCare, to focus on their desire to treat everyone in the community. We also provided them with a completely new look and feel, a new brand voice, and communications strategy that showcases their friendliness and professionalism.

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