Texas Department of Transportation wanted a way to demonstrate the effects of alcohol on a person's reflexes. We found one. 

Deliverables: design and art direction

txdot dodgeball
impaired dodgeball
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Texas Department of Transportation

One of the challenges we received from TxDOT was to find a way to inform Millennial-aged drivers about how consuming alcohol effects their reflexes. Rather than going the expected preachy route, we ideated an experiential way to connect with the target audience with a message and visuals that were informative, engaging, and memorable.

Our team designed the truck and environment the game would live in. We worked with Lime Media in Dallas, TX to get the game programmed. Once the game was complete, we launched a 10-market road tour featuring the interactive gaming experience to demonstrate how alcohol impairs motor skills. Leveraging the proven power of gamification and built-in social sharing, the Impaired Dodgeball tour effectively took this important message into communities across the state.

Participants were invited to play a timed dodgeball game. As the game progressed, their onscreen avatar consumes alcohol. As they consume, their reaction time is delayed making it increasingly difficult to avoid the balls being thrown at them.

The campaign earned $18 million in earned media and over 431 million impressions.
People lined up. People played. And they learned how dangerous drinking and driving is.

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