The Texas Department of Transportation aimed to educate people about how alcohol adversely affects their reflexes. Rather than telling them, we found a way to show them.

Deliverables: creative direction and consultation

Due to the effectiveness of a previous campaign strategy devised by our team for TxDOT, we were enlisted once more to educate Millennial-aged drivers about the real effects of alcohol on their reflexes. This time, instead of employing a conventional communications approach, we devised a gamified method to captivate the target audience. This innovative strategy delivered a message and visuals that were not only informative but also highly memorable.

txdot dodgeball truck exterior

I spearheaded the team's exploration of inventive communication methods ensuring our explorations remained aligned with the strategic goals of the cmpaign/ Ultimately, we landed on the concept of information gamification. Working closely with Lime Media in Dallas, TX, we designed the truck and exterior environment as well as directed gaming functionality. Upon its completion, we initiated a 10-market road tour showcasing the interactive gaming experience, illustrating the impact of alcohol on motor skills. Leveraging the immersive nature of gamification and integrating social sharing capabilities, the Impaired Dodgeball tour successfully disseminated this crucial message across communities statewide.

txdot dodgeball
impaired dodgeball

Participants were invited to engage in a timed dodgeball game. Throughout the game, their onscreen avatar consumed alcohol, causing delays in their reaction time and making it increasingly challenging to evade the incoming balls.

txdot graphic
txdot shirt

The campaign earned $18 million in earned media and over 431 million impressions. People lined up. People played. And they learned how dangerous drinking and driving is.

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