The Allen, a modern mix of work and play, needed a visual vocabulary that reinforced their position as Houston's newest mixed-use development.

Deliverables: design, creative direction, and consultation

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The Allen Mixed-Use Development

In 1836, New York real estate investors and brothers John Kirby and Augustus Chapman Allen purchased 6,000 acres of land to found a “great center of government and commerce” and named it after the hero of San Jacinto: Houston.
180 years later, one of America’s greatest cities stands as a shining example of forward-thinking and the power of people working together to create their own community.

The trailblazing spirit of the Allen brothers is rekindled as the mixed-use development establishes an exciting new way of life full of exciting possibilities. The structures and spaces of the Allen will be a part of founding a new lifestyle vision for Houston. A vision of luxury and legacy.

I developed an identity of contrasts to reinforce the idea of old and new. From chipboard and uncoated papers to flat inks and gold foils, the design is a visual and tactile feast for people who engage with it.

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