What started as a personal daily exercise turned into a ritual exploration of UI, UX, font design, illustration, and anything else that came to mind.

This is a collection of my personal work and experiments. The artifacts are snippets from larger projects, quick comps, explorations in font design, or simply just design experiments that I wanted to explore. There are no rules! Tally ho! 

Daily UI 14 Countdown Timer
Daily UI 016 Pop-Up Display
Daily UI 017 Email Receipt
Daily UI 18 Analytics Chart
Daily UI 019 Leaderboard
Daily UI 020 Location Tracker
daily ui 05 app icon
daily ui 01 sign up
daily ui 02 checkout
daily ui 06 user profile
daily ui 03 landing page
daily ui 07 underarmour settings
daily ui 04 calculator
daily ui 10 social share
Daily UI 12 E-Commerce Shop
Daily ui 09 music player 02
Daily UI 11 Flash Message
Daily UI 013 Direct Messaging

Just for fun, I added a restriction to each brainstorm session before I started production. I only allowed myself an hour or less to complete each idea exploration. The time constraint keeps me from being indecisive. I quickly determine the look and feel and get started. Whether the challenge is a visual tweak, a wholesale change, or a personal itch there's no judgment.

Believe it or not, I think the "no judgment" thing is the hardest part.


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