Mexico-based, SHEIL, Inc. asked for help launching Vivente Tasty Foods products in the U.S. market.

Deliverables: design, art direction, and consultation

vivente agave nectar package
agave nectar ads
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white agave plant

Vivente Tasty Foods Agave Nectar

Vivente Tasty Foods carries an entire line of agave-based products that are fortified with fiber. Although the company has a significant market share in Mexico, they wanted to expand the distribution of its products to the United States.

We worked closely with their marketing team to develop a comprehensive strategic plan that included: local and regional events, public relations, marketing opportunities, TV appearances, and sampling events. We redesigned all of their marketing collateral and packaging elements to adhere to US standards while helping them stand out in the rapidly-growing natural sweetener shelf space.

When all was said and done, Vivente Tasty Foods products were placed on grocery store shelves across Texas and California.

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