Vivente Tasty Foods, a Mexican food brand, wanted to gain fans in the U.S. so I provided strategy and design to help get them noticed. 

Deliverables: strategy, design, art direction, and consultation

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Vivente Tasty Foods Powdered Agave Sweetener

Vivente Tasty Foods produces one of the first agave-based powdered sweetener fortified with fiber. Although the company has a significant market share in Mexico, they wanted to expand the distribution to the United States. They called us to help.

I worked with SHEIL Foods, Inc, the company that owns Vivente Tasty Foods, to develop a strategic plan to get their name out as quickly and efficiently. To help launch their product, we targeted high-end grocery stores and smaller, local establishments who catered to discerning eaters. I redesigned their packaging to successfully compete for recognition on grocery store shelves. From a friendly brand voice to clean visuals, preparing the team for tradeshows, TV appearances, and teaming with various cooks, we helped prepare Sheil Foods, Inc. for the rush of stores who agreed to carry their products.

After our initial push and sustained promotions, we helped get Vivente Tasty Foods placed on grocery store shelves across Texas and California.

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