When you’re brainstorming ideas for a campaign, there should be no fear, no limits, no boundaries. Sure your client might have some brand guidelines, but when you are working through your ideation process, you are free to create. There are no wrong answers in the beginning. Work through your thinking and scribbling stages and let the ideas flow. The only mistake you can make is not exploring the all ideas.

Crazy, sane, safe or just way out there, work through every creative nugget to try and make an emotional connection between your client and their target audience. Find your client’s Ownable Brand Idea (OBI). Figure out how you can position it in a way that it entices their audience and helps them develop an affinity for your client’s brand.

We need to play matchmaker and create an emotional connection between our clients and their customers.

So, how do you do it? Ask yourself several questions: What is the brand’s story? What do people get from the key visuals? Are they interesting or boring? Is it white noise or can you grab their attention? Will your visuals jive with the copy? Does it make sense to people outside of the client and their staff? Are they asking for solutions that really only make sense to them? Does your solution really make sense to anyone? Are you entertaining yet relevant? Are you engaging and insightful? Is it fun and informative? Is it humorous or serious?

Sound like lots of work? Can you do it? Si se puede! Now go out and do it.

You need to create a love affair between the brand and their audience. When the audience is in a love affair with the brand they will unconsciously choose it or refer to it without even a second though. The brand love affair creates a connection that keeps your client top-of-mind. For example, cotton swabs are called Q-tips by most people, but Q-tips is a brand name. Band Aid is also brand name, but I bet you’ve never heard anyone ask for an sterile adhesive strip.

How do you create that connection? Find the emotional sweetspot and aim all messaging and visuals at it. Everything leads to a place where your client’s customers will connect and begin to build a loyal connection to the brand. As creatives our job is to always remember that a brand is optionally tied to its supporters. Gain their support and loyalty and you can have them forever. No support, no loyalty. No loyalty, no money. No money…. no more booze! Whut?!?!

It’s all about love baby. Huggable, snuggable, loveable connections. Make the connection. Drive sales. Win. It’s not a competition. Bullshit! It absolutely is a competition Get moving.

Now open your arms wide baby, I’m coming in for a big hug!