After a public relations snafu,  Mi Pueblo wanted to refresh their image with the public and emerge as a dedicated community partner.

Deliverables: Hispanic marketing, design, art direction, and consultation

This holiday spot above shows grandma making tamales with her grandchildren. As she cooks, she describes how amazing life was at her pueblo. The children believe she is speaking of a place in Mexico until Mom walks in to reveal that Grandma was actually speaking of Mi Pueblo Food Mart.

In the spot above, grandparents are enjoying a Sunday drive with their grandkids. During the trip, they tell stories of their home town or their "pueblo". They describe the sights, sounds, and smells that surrounded them. The kids are excited and ask when they can go visit this magical place. As the spot continues, it's revealed the grandparents are not recounting stories of a village in Mexico. Instead, they are describing things that can be experienced at Mi Pueblo Food Mart.

Mi Pueblo Food Mart

When the company had a visit from the Immigration and Naturalization Service, they found out that many of their employees were undocumented. As a result, most were deported back to Mexico. This didn't sit well with the local community. Mi Pueblo was seen as an untrustworthy organization who did not care about their employees or community. The leadership of the supermarket chain realized they needed to communicate their dedication and love for the community and their people and rebuild the trust that had been lost. My dupla* partner and I worked to design and develop the messaging and visual vocabulary for the company. We produced TV spots, advertising collateral, promotions, and instore signage.

It has been a slow process, but Mi Pueblo has made positive strides and is gaining the trust of their community once again.

*dupla = terminology for a Hispanic art and copy creative team

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